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remote worker listening to a must-listen podcast for remote workers recommended by the remote working virtual platform Wurkr

6 Must-Listen Podcasts for Remote Workers

Nothing quite beats listening to a podcast on your morning walk or mid-afternoon break. Getting more work done and staying productive while you’re at it can be incredibly difficult when you’re working remotely—if you can find the time to listen to podcasts at all. While there are certainly fewer podcasts designed specifically with remote workers in mind, it’s still possible to find ones that can help you become more productive and get your work done, whether you listen during your commute or while on break at work. At Wurkr, we are massive fans of podcasts and so we have created a list of our favorite must-listen podcasts for remote workers. 

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A remote worker working from home as it is the new normal with Wurkr virtual office platform.

Has Working From Home Finally Become The New Normal?

As the modern world changes, it brings about excitement yet it can also cause uncertainty. The need to establish a work-life integration has become of high importance to many people who feel they should be able to have it all; they want to build a successful career but not at the detriment of their health and well-being, or placing the importance of work above raising a family.

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